I think sometimes that "religion" was invented so that the churches could have complete control of the public and make them fearful and thinking they need to support a particular church or be doomed for eternity in a fiery hell, so the churches can make money. If people had an independent thought, that wasn't dictated to them by the church, and realized they could survive without the church, the church wouldn't make any money!!!

I have nothing against being spiritual or believing in a God or a hereafter, or even going to a church, if the ministers and priests practice what they preach.. I do have a problem with most organized religions and with hypocrites though. The ones that are always spouting the passages (that suit them - and nearly always out of the context in which they were meant) from the bible, are often the same ones that practically run you over in the parking lot on their way home from church, in their haste to be the first ones out (or give you the finger if you cut them off).

Then we have the pedophile priests, who are supposed to be setting an example, who sodomize young alter boys and then preach about "good and evil" as if they are above the law themselves. Don't preach one thing and do the opposite. Show me by your daily actions, not your words, what your beliefs are and then I will respect them, even if they differ from mine. The best sermons are lived, not preached.

Don't get me started on my soapbox about the "holier-than-thou" attitudes of hypocrites!!!!