By Barbara Larkin
August 5, 2009

I meditate, but no matter how hard I try
Messages from Spirit keep passing me by
Spirit Guides are probably speaking loud and clear
But their words are falling on my deaf ear

There is a song from “A Chorus Line” called “Nothing”
Miranda is supposed to “feel”, but she feels nothing
I would love to hear words of wisdom in my ear
Or see a big Indian Guide standing near

I would love to see a slide show before my eyes
With images, scenes, words, or gals and guys
It would thrill me to see a spirit standing behind someone
Whom I could describe to that person as a dad or a mom

I long to say to someone, “May I come to you?”
And actually be able to tell them a thing or two
I would like to be able to prove the continuity of life
Proof that after our bodies are gone, our souls survive

I would like to give comfort to mourners from their grief
By assuring them that their loved ones have found relief
From the difficulties suffered during their earthly life
And they no longer suffer any pain, limitations, or strife

As a butterfly from its caterpillar cocoon breaks free
To become everything that the butterfly can be
So the soul sheds a body that is weighing it down
The silver cord is cut and the soul is homeward bound