A Message
For the New Millennium

In the new millennium,

may the greatness

that is uniquely yours

radiate from your inner being

and shine forth

for all the world to see.

Barbara Larkin

"Let There Be Peace On Earth
And Let It Begin With Me"


After Christ performed what were "perceived" as "miracles", he said,

"All these things ye have seen me do,
Ye shall also do;
And EVEN GREATER THINGS than these."

What a powerful message -- a hint at our yet untapped potential. Christ ascended to a higher realm of existence knowing there were even higher realms of existence even He aspired to reach. He came to us with this message that we might make our own journey, with him to light our path and show us the way.

I think He was trying to convey the fact that a "miracle" in our world is merely a "reality" in God's world. Because of our limited perception, we do not fully understand our UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, and so we call occurrences we cannot explain "miracles".

I believe there is no such thing as a "miracle" because ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE and could be perceived as ordinary occurrences, if only we understood how to bring them about.

May the new millennium bring us the enlightenment to recreate the perfect world our Creator originally envisioned for us. Because "actions speak louder than words", we each must become the change we want to see in the world. Each of us must be a living example of our faith.

All things are possible...
True Peace on Earth is possible...

Peace be with you now and for always...
...Barbara Larkin