A Trumpet or Aluminum Cone
Using Direct Voice Phenomena

In love and light I share my experiences with trumpet seance spirit circles



The trumpet sťance is a spirit circle consisting of approximately 12 people and a medium or channel with the ability to produce physical phenomena. Physical phenomena mediums are rare because it takes an extraordinary amount of psychic energy and they must vibrate at a higher frequency. The medium goes into a deep trance and channels master teachers, his own personal spirit guides and teachers as well as those of each of the sitters in the circle. The so-called "trumpet" is simply an aluminum cone, shaped like those orange cones that are used to indicate construction work being done or to block off parking spaces, but in this case, is a lightweight silver-colored aluminum cone. The sitters sit in a semicircle in seats assigned by the medium as suggested to him by his spirit guides during the meditation he performs alone before the sitters arrive. The sitters are arranged in such a way as to balance the energy, as we all transmit different energies. The sitters serve as a battery for the medium to be able to call in the spirits and to achieve the direct voice phenomena and the levitating of the trumpets or cones during the sitting. More information concerning the trumpet sťance is given in the various sections that follow.


Spirits do not have vocal cords so, in order to speak audibly, they need to use the vocal cords of a medium or channel, speaking through him and using his vocal chords. This is called channeling. In a regular spirit circle or at a private reading with a clairvoyant medium, the medium will go into a trance and have what is called an out-of-body experience or astral projection. Spirit will then inhabit his body and use the medium's vocal cords to speak to the sitter or sitters.


With the cone or trumpet, the spirit guides are able to use the cone as a cabinet and produce simulated vocal cords out of a light and moldable substance called ectoplasm, which is a lighter form of protoplasm, that is emanated from the medium as well as from some or all of the sitters during the sťance. The aluminum cone also amplifies their voices, so the spirits can speak audibly to everyone in the room through the cone or trumpet. This is called direct voice phenomena. Spirit also uses the ectoplasm to enable them to raise the trumpet off the floor. Because the circle is in complete darkness, the medium usually paints the bottom of the cone or trumpet in fluorescent paint, so the sitters can see the levitation of the cone or trumpet during the sťance. There are only a handful of mediums who can do this in the light or a soft, subdued light. Light breaks up the ectoplasm, so most trumpet sťances are held in complete darkness. The voices that come through the trumpet can be heard by all of the sitters, so they get to hear, not only the messages directed toward them, but everyone else's messages as well. Often, a message that is delivered to one person contains information that is useful to all.


A typical spirit circle or trumpet sťance session lasts for about two to three hours, depending on the amount of sitters. In the ones I attended, there were usually ten to twelve people invited to attend. The sitters are arranged in a semicircle facing the medium who is seated in a comfortable chair a few feet in front of them, facing the circle. The trumpet, or aluminum cone is placed between the sitters and the medium. The trumpet(s) must not be touched during the circle, except when specifically told it is safe to cup your hands under it to receive your apport after your spirit guide has done whatever he or she does to make it safe. You can touch them before or after the sťance, but not during, as they are energized and could cause a shock to the medium or to the sitter. Most circles utilize one big cone or trumpet, but at the ones I attended there was the large one, a medium-sized one (no pun intended), and a smaller one. The spirits mostly used the large one, but some preferred to use the medium one. I think the small one was a personal one of one of the sitters and just placed there for show or to absorb the energy in the room and maybe levitate, at least at the end of the seance. It is neat to see the cones levitate at different heights according to the energy of the spirit who is speaking. As I mentioned in the section about the "The Trumpet or Aluminum Cone", a ring of fluorescent paint across the bottom of the cone allows the sitters to see a round light when the trumpet or cone is levitated. It is not necessary to paint the bottom of the cone, but the seance would not be as interesting if we couldn't see the trumpets moving around. At the end, all the guides get together and levitate all the trumpets, swirling them around, in a light show for us, and then when the energy is gone, they crash down to the floor.

At the start of the spirit circle or seance, while the medium or channel is going into his trance, the sitters say the Lord's Prayer and ask for the protection of the white light to surround them, the medium, the room, the house, the neighborhood, etc. Nobody can break the circle or touch the trumpet(s) once the sťance has started and any sudden noise such as a knocking on the door or a light switched on during the sťance could cause the medium to jolt back into his body too fast (he is in astral projection during his trance) and can cause a shock to the physical body and in a couple of documented cases, has caused the death of a medium.

After the protection prayer, the sitters start singing quietly the Alleluias or another hymn. When the medium has reached a state of deep trance, the voice of his Gatekeeper or Joy Guide comes through. Joy Guides are childlike in their manner and are upbeat, but they are master teachers, nonetheless. He or she protects the medium and the circle by allowing only certain spirits to come through. When a circle is scheduled, there is sort of a spiritual bulletin board whereby spirits who want to contact the sitters will line up to wait their turn. The Gatekeeper or Joy Guide is the medium's "control" and acts as a go-between or mediator between the discarnate spirit world and the incarnate physical world. He or she also controls the sťance and raises or lowers the vibration in the room when necessary. In the sťances I attended, the medium's Joy Guide was a female personality, but they can be either male or female. In order to communicate with spirit, spirit has to lower their vibrations and those in the physical bodies have to raise theirs, so we can reach an in-between state of vibration where the two worlds can meet. At this time, the Joy Guide will ask us to sing some lively childhood songs such as "You Are My Sunshine" and "She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain" in order to raise the vibration in order for the spirits to have the energy to come through. Singing and laughter raise the vibrations and the spirit guides often display a wonderful sense of humor and get us laughing.

We sitters are instructed to speak to the guides when we are addressed. We can ask them questions, respond to their questions, laugh with them if joke with us, just as long as we keep the energy flowing. Spirit uses the energy of the vibration of our voices and if we do not speak, they will leave. It is sort of like a phone call. If we do not speak to the caller, the caller will eventually hang up. After the vibration is raised, usually a Master Teacher will come in and deliver a lesson or message, sort of like a sermon one might hear in a church. Then an Indian Guide usually comes in and perhaps one of the Doctor guides of the medium. Then two or three guides of each sitter will come in, speaking to one sitter at a time starting at one end of the circle, or rather, semicircle, and going down the line to the other end. A more detailed explanation of spirit guides follows in the section, "Spirit Guides and Teachers".

After a sitter's spirit guides visit and chat with them, the sitter is invited up to the trumpet to receive a gift, called an apport. A more detailed explanation of apports is found in the section, "Apports". The sitter cups his or her hands under the trumpet and soon hears a clinging noise as the apport trickles down the cone. Then the sitter takes his or her apport that can be felt but not seen until later when the lights are on, and sits back in his assigned seat. The guide who presented the apport then explains what the object is and if it is to be used to meditate, or for healing, or if it has a special meaning to the sitter. Usually the apport is a crystal that can be held and sometimes it is presented on a pendant so it can be worn, Sometimes it is just a little statue of an animal of the same name as an Indian Guide, for example, a guide named "Running Bear" or "Little Turtle" might give a little bear or turtle statue so the sitter could be reminded of his or her spirit guide. I once received a statue of Kwan-Yin (also known as Quan-Yin) from my Chinese Doctor of Chemistry because we both had worked with Kwan-Yin (Quan-Yin) in a previous incarnation. I go into a more detailed explanation in the section, "Apports" which follows at the end of the article.

After everyone has spoken with their spirit guides, the medium's Joy Guide comes back and chats with the whole group for a few minutes and then asks us to sing another song. Then all the guides come in and levitate the trumpets and swirl them in the air giving us sitters a light show finale (they like to see us having fun and love to entertain us). When the energy leaves the room, the trumpets come crashing to the ground. At this time, we start singing quiet hymns until the medium indicates he is back (into his body and out of his trance). Then the lights come on and we all admire our apports and then take a look at the apports the other sitters received. We chat for awhile, have some coffee, and then go home with lots of food for thought and messages and lessons we have learned from our spirit guides.


At the trumpet sťances I have attended, only the master teachers and the sitter's main spirit guides come through. The medium asks for only the highest and the best, and the messages are usually very spiritual and the master teachers usually come through with an important spiritual lesson, not unlike a sermon one might hear in a church service. Only on rare occasions have souls who were not in the sitters' immediate family of spirit guides come through. Sometimes they are departed family members or loved ones and sometimes they are guides who are assisting the sitter's main spririt guides with something that requires their expertise and will leave when their mission is accomplished. It was explained that we have five major spirit guides who surround us in each lifetime, from the time we are born until we die. Other guides and teachers come and go as we need the lessons they bring or the help or healing they can provide and then leave when their mission is finished, but our main guides are always with us. We have a Master Teacher, a Doctor of Chemistry, a Doctor of Philosophy, an Indian Guide, and a Joy Guide or Gatekeeper who protects us from negative or harmful spirits entering our vibration.

My Spirit Guides and Teachers
materialized their portraits
on a silk material at a special
Silk Precipitation Circle
conducted by Rev. Hoyt Robinette
from Camp Chesterfield, Indiana


Normally, at these circles, departed loved ones do not come to speak to us, although they may desire to do so. On the extremely rare occasions that they do, it is of great comfort to the loved one left behind to know that their death was not final, but merely a transition to another state of being that we can't perceive because they vibrate at a much higher frequency than we can detect with our lower rate of vibration. To know that the soul lives on eternally after the transition we call death, and to know they are happy and in perfect health, even if they died of an illness, helps us with the grieving process and gives us the strength to go on with our physical lives, knowing we will meet when we make the transition into the spirit world. Inasmuch as it is difficult for us to contact spirits, so it is difficult for spirits to contact us. Although a recently departed loved one may want to contact us, they have to learn how to manipulate the energy in order to do so. Usually if they have a message, it will be conveyed to one of your spirit guides who will relay the message back to you. On rare occasions, an advanced soul may be able to come through, with the assistance of our spirit guides. One sitter's uncle came through and another's child at two separate sittings.

At one of the circles, my husband came through and I could actually hear him speak. My husband had passed away a couple of months before this particular sitting. The expressions and the unique manner of speaking were undeniably those of my husband and he sounded as real as if he were still alive and physically in the room with me. My husband had a high raspy voice before he died, due to a vocal chord that was damaged during his tracheotomy when he was in the hospital for heart failure and that characteristic came through, so I would recognize it as his voice speaking to me, as that is how I last remembered him to speak. I happened to have audiotaped that particular session, so I can listen to the cassette tape whenever I desire. He indicated I would have more time available to spend with my grandchildren (plural) and at the time I only had one grandchild. About a month after the sitting, my daughter announced she was pregnant with my second granddaughter. My husband, a totally analytical, left-brained electronic engineer, was the biggest skeptic there is, and used to tease me about my spirit circles, so it was most comforting to hear him say that the day he died, it was exactly as I described it would be from the information I had gleaned from my metaphysical teachings. He said that because of what I had told him, he knew exactly what was happening and was calm and unafraid, and because I had told him to go to the light when I said my goodbyes, he was able to see the light and go towards it and it helped him make the transition easily. He told me that if he had known how wonderful it was in the state of being he was now in, and how happy and healthy he was, he would have gone a lot sooner (he was not expected to live the weekend he went into intensive care for heart failure, but he left the hospital about a month later, and lived four more years with a heart rate of only 14, to the amazement of every doctor in the two hospitals he attended, who told him it was a miracle). My husband told that me his grandmother was there to greet him and that he recognized her immediately by the cameo pin she was wearing, as she had always worn that particular piece of jewelry when she was alive. He told me that she wanted me to have it and so the cameo pin worn by his grandmother was the apport that I received that night. Every time I wore that pin, everyone who noticed the pin admired it.


In advanced physical mediumship, materialization of apports can occur. Apports are small items, such as crystals, amulets, keys, bracelets, or pendants. Usually these are crystals with energy properties that would be helpful to the recipient. One of the personal spirit guides of each sitter presents that sitter with a gift of an apport. At one sitting, I received a small statue of Kwan-Yin (Quan-Yin) the Bodhisattva, known as The Goddess of Mercy. My Chinese Doctor of Chemistry guide said that he and I worked with Kwan-Yin (Quan-Yin) in a previous incarnation. It was a special gift I will always cherish. At other circles, I have received crystals energized by my guides. Some were to hold while I meditate and others could be worn as pendants. Some were healing stones for particular organs of the body. The apports are transported from one place to another through the manipulation of energy and a change in the frequency at which the object vibrates. Objects that seem solid to us (i.e. a marble table) seem so because the atoms they consist of are clustered together vibrating and moving at a frequency that is much slower than the range of frequencies and vibrations that we can perceive with our five senses. However, everything is always moving; the atoms that make it up are in constant motion. Everything has a different vibration. The object to be transported from where it is located to the sťance room is broken down, through a manipulation of energy, into its simplest form separating the atoms that make it up, unassembled, if you will, transported at a very high frequency or vibration, held in a state of suspended animation until ready to be materialized and presented through the trumpet, and then reassembled inside the trumpet (many of the objects are too large to fit inside the small opening at the top of the trumpet). It reminds me of the "Beam me up Scotty" part of the "Star Trek" series on television. A sitter will be asked to go up to the trumpet and cup his or her hands under the trumpet and one can hear a little clinking noise as it trickles down the trumpet cone into the person's hand. Then the guide who presented it tells you what it is and how it is to be used. The room is in darkness, so we can only feel our apports, until after the sťance, when the lights come back on, when we can actually look at our apports and get to see what everyone else received.


I have attended 32 of these trumpet seance spirit circles, with a local physical medium, between the years 1990 and 1993. I have written down all the messages I have received and I have made audiotapes of many of the sessions (we were allowed to use tape recorders if it didn't interfere with the circle and we could manipulate the buttons in the dark). One session, I taped on "pause" by mistake and missed it, but I am fortunate that I was able to tape the session when my husband came through and spoke to me, so I have his voice on an audiotape speaking to me after he died. It is one of my most prized possessions and I can listen to it and know I have validation that his spirit lives on. I have physical proof that we can speak with the spirit world and that those in spirit have much to teach us if we will listen. Of course, each medium has developed special gifts that are unique to him or her and mediums have different personalities and energies/vibrations and work differently with spirit. Mediums vary in personaly and intelligence (guides can only use symbols and words known to the medium in order to communicate through him or her), so a sitter's experience with a different medium and different sitters would naturally be different than what I experienced in the trumpet seances I attended.

I wish I could write all the details of each session, but it would fill too many web pages. I will say that the sessions were very uplifting and the messages and lessons were of a positive and loving nature and I have, indeed, spoken with many of the highest evolved spirits. Many Master Teachers have come forth with valuable life lessons and my own spirit guides have given me a much better insight about what is expected of me during this lifetime and of the special gifts I have. I am trying to develop and use some of those gifts, such as writing and inspirational poetry. I was told by my guides that I have a very high vibration and they would love to assist me in opening myself up to reach my full potential and develop my abilities further. I am certainly going to find more time to meditate and get in touch with my inner self and listen more to that voice within. I wish I had the ability to see and hear my spirit guides without the help of a medium to channel them for me. Perhaps if I raise my vibrations, I can learn to tap into my psychic abilities and will attain the goal of communicating with spirit at will.

After attending over 30 spirit circles, not to mention other meditation and metaphysical classes I have taken, and the volumes of books I have read on metaphysical subjects, I feel I have gotten to know my spirit guides and teachers and it was so great to actually meet them and have them actually be in the room speaking to me as clearly as I would converse with my earthly friends. I feel that my spirit guides are my family and my best friends, who know what is in my best interest and will protect me from harm. From time to time I ask their advice and assistance with my everyday problems or decisions I need to make. Mostly they say, "You already know the answer", which is very frustrating because I don't always feel I do know the answers. Yes, the answers are within and I need to spend quiet time going within. I know my guides are watching over me and that they have had a hand in arranging a few situations that turned out to be for my highest good and my soul's growth. I look forward to them being there to great me when my incarnation on earth this time around is over and when the time comes for me to make the transition from the physical to the spiritual plane of existence. My experience from the spirit circles has been invaluable to me and has made me a more spiritual and enlightened individual.

In love and light I am pleased to share my experiences with trumpet seance spirit circles.



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