Barbara Larkin

A World Of Unconditional Love; A World Of Peace
A World Devoid Of Disharmony And Disease
A World Where All People, Regardless Of Race Or Creed
Can Live Together In Harmony, All Prejudice Freed.

A World Of Balance Between Nature And Man
A World That Shows Respect For Our Bountiful Land
A Mother Earth That Provides Us With All That We Need
Can Be Ours If We Share Her Bounty And Let Go Of Our Greed.

A World Whose Magnificent Beauty We Can Admire With Awe
Can Be Our Heritage If We Live According To Universal Law
If We Can Love Ourselves As Beautiful Creations Of God
Loving Others The Same Way Will Not Be So Hard.

A World That Realizes Each Individual Soul
Is But One Individual Expression Of A Much Greater Whole
We Each Choose Our Role And We Each Play Our Part
But We Are All Inter-Connected... Each Soul And Each Heart.

There Is Only ONE Race... The HUMAN Race
Now Is The Time And In Our Hearts Is The Place
Together We Can Create A World That Is Perfect And Right
A World God Envisioned, Filled With Love And With Light.

When Each Person Finds His Own Peace In His Heart
A Global Healing Will Occur And World Peace Will Start
For What Is Without Reflects What Is Within
Each Of Our Hearts, Where It All Must Begin.

I am proud to announce that several of my original poems, "A World of Peace", "Shades of Blue", "Dancing in the Mirror", and "Silent Words of Love" have appeared or are scheduled to appear in various anthologies, or books of poetry, by The National Library of Poetry. In addition, "A World of Peace" and "Silent Words of Love" were selected from about 30 poems they felt would have a universal appeal if read aloud, to be included on The National Library of Poetry's "Sound of Poetry" audiotapes and CDs, where the poems are read aloud by professional readers.

I write my poetry from my heart whenever the muses inspire me, mostly as a hobby for my own enjoyment. When my poems are read by others and receive recognition by a prestigious poetry society, that is icing on the cake for me. If my poetry can uplift, inspire, educate, or entertain my readers, then I will have reached my goal as a writer. I like to think of the medium of poetry as my canvas, using the art of rhyme as my palette, to color my words in such a way that they paint a picture in the imagination of my readers. Writing poetry is a truly a labor of love me.


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