Depending upon our perspective, the year 2001 marked the first year of the new century and the new millennium. A new millennium is an opportunity for change and growth… a time to reflect upon the lessons of the past and to use what we have learned in order to make positive changes in our individual lives to ensure a better future for all humanity.

The year of 2001 was a tumultuous and difficult year. We endured financial instability in a shaky economy, with plunges in the stock market, large and small corporations going out of business, job cutbacks and layoffs, and major concerns about the future of our investments.

Then on September 11, 2001, the unthinkable happened, and the events of that fateful day in our history were the catalysts that will change our lives forever. The events of September 11 brought with them a massive loss of innocent lives, a further blow to the economy, living in fear of the threat of even more destructive acts of terrorism to come, an epidemic of Anthrax that spread throughout the US Mail system, and finally a world at war.


I believe that September 11, 2001 was a universal wake-up call for the entire planet. Unfortunately, it had to take a monumental event of this magnitude to capture our attention and to jolt us out of our complacency and self-absorption.

We had become much too complacent, taking for granted those who are important to us and the freedom we enjoy as we go about our daily lives. We have spent each day going about our own business, wrapped in our individual self-made cocoons, concerned only with our own lives and our own issues, oblivious to the needs and concerns of those around us who also share the planet.

Since September 11, we have been forced to realize how quickly and easily, in the blink of an unexpected moment of time, all that we have always taken for granted as our birthright could be taken away from us.

It is ironic how sometimes we need to look into the face of evil in order to see and appreciate all that is good.

Those innocent people who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 will never know how instrumental their sacrifice was for the good of the planet and the role their lives and deaths will play in leading us forward toward an eventual world of peace and unity. They will never know how important their lives were and that they are truly our heroes and our angels.

A bad thing happened, but in spite of the mass destruction and loss of lives, the good that will come out of this event, in the long run, in the larger scheme of things, will far outweigh the bad. If we could see the bigger picture, we would know this to be true.

It is through the "bad" things that happen, that we learn the most valuable lessons in life that serve to strengthen our souls.

Several "good" things have already come out of this "bad" thing that happened, and many more are yet to come. The citizens of this great country of America, as well as citizens of other countries all over the world, have bonded together in a spirit of unity and concern for all humanity. We are coming together to realize that we all belong to just one race… the Human Race, and that united we stand, but divided we fall. We have seen an outpouring of patriotism, demonstrated by the nationwide displaying of the American flag in our homes and even on our cars, so we can be reminded each day of how lucky we are to live in a country that stands for liberty and freedom for all.

The New York City firefighters displayed acts of heroism as they selflessly worked day and night to clean up the rubble and to save whatever lives could be saved at "Ground Zero". Simultaneously, all over the world, candlelight vigils were held for the victims and their families. Strangers joined hands in unity. Ordinary citizens rushed to the aid of the victims of the September 11 disaster by patiently standing for hours in long lines in order to donate blood, knowing how much even their smallest contribution could matter to someone in need.

Influential companies and individuals have donated money and supplies for the firefighters. Concerts and other charity events were held to raise money for the victims and their families.

Because of the events of September 11, 2001, we have been forced to reflect upon our own lives and to prioritize those things that are the most important in our lives. We have come to realize that what really matters most to us is the well-being of our family, friends, and loved ones, as well as the well-being of all humanity.

We have each, in our own way, prayed for the end of evil and destruction in this world. We long, more than ever, to live in a world of peaceful co-existence with all those who inhabit this planet called earth.

We no longer take for granted our freedom. We are thankful each day for our many blessings and look forward to the day when those less fortunate than we can also receive those blessings.

It is my hope that, from that fateful day forward, each of us will take time every day to appreciate and give thanks for all that we have become, and for all that we will become. Let us all join our hands and our hearts and move forward together to reach the goal of attaining world peace and global unity. It is my fervent hope and prayer that we may achieve this goal during our lifetime, and that peace and global unity will reign throughout all the millenniums to come, forever and ever, for all eternity.

Love and light and peace... always and in all ways...

Barbara Larkin

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